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Yvonne: Hello, I'm Yvonne Archer and this is 6 Minute English…and thanks to Kate for
joining me today! Hello, Kate.
Kate: Hello Yvonne.
Yvonne: Now, would you ever consider writing a book that spills the beans – reveals all the
secrets about someone you know?
Kate: Oh no, I don't think I could do that. I don't think it's the right thing to do, although
I know a lot of people do.
Yvonne: Well, Nobuko Kan is Japan's first lady – the wife of Japan’s Prime Minister - and
she has written a book. It’s called: "What on earth will change in Japan now you
are Prime Minister?"
Kate: Wow! I wonder what's in that? I'd love to read it.
Yvonne: Me too - but before we find out more, here’s your question, Kate: the title of
Nobuko Kan’s book is twelve words long - but of course, it’s not the longest title
in the world. Is the longest title of a book -
a: 160 words
b: 220 words or
c: 290 words?
Kate: I've got no idea I'm afraid, so I'm going to guess: b - 220 words.
Yvonne: We'll find out whether you're right later on. Now, with a title like: “What on earth
will change in Japan now you are Prime Minister?” – I think we can expect
Japan’s first lady to criticise a few things about her husband. Kate, can you explain
for us what the verb ‘to criticise’ means?
Kate: Well, if we criticise something or someone, we make it known that we don’t like
them and don’t approve of them. So, ‘a criticism’ is when we say what we think is
wrong with something or someone, for example, the way they look, their actions
or opinions.
Yvonne: Now, as we listen to part of a report by the BBC’s Roland Buerk in Tokyo, try to
catch three criticisms that Japan’s first lady makes about her husband.
Roland Buerk
In a book about her husband, Naoto Kan, she writes: "I wonder, is it OK that this man is Prime
Minister because I know him so well?" In a long list of his failings, she criticises his delivery of
his first policy speech in parliament, as well as his fashion sense and inability to cook.
Yvonne: Kate, we heard how Japan’s first lady included a long list of her husband’s
‘failings’ in her book – the things he’s not successful in. But what was the first of
his failings – so, the first ‘criticism’ we heard about?
Kate: Well, it was about his very first speech about policy in the Japanese parliament –
about what the government is planning to do. Mrs Kan didn’t like ‘his delivery’ –
so she criticised the way he made his speech.
Yvonne: Oh dear, so his own wife didn’t think the speech went very well. Now, the next
two criticisms were quite personal, I thought. But one could possibly affect his job
as Prime Minister while the other is unlikely to. What do you think, Kate?
Kate: Well yes, criticising the Prime Minister for ‘his fashion sense’ – the type of clothes
he wears, is definitely personal. But image is important for famous people, so
Naoto Kan really needs to dress appropriately for all occasions.
Yvonne: Hmmm – and what about the third criticism we heard about?
Kate: Oh yes – well, she criticises him for his ‘inability to cook’. And again, that’s a
personal criticism and it’s more about Naoto Kan as a husband than about him as
Japan’s Prime Minister.
Yvonne: Yes, I agree. He can still be a good Prime Minister, even if the whole world knows
he can’t cook!Well, the Kan’s have been married for forty years, so is this book a
sign of problems in their relationship? And how does the Japanese Prime Minster
feel about his wife’s book? Here’s more from the BBC’s Roland Buerk in Tokyo.
Roland Buerk
The Kans are as famous for her willingness to spar with him in public as for their enduring
marriage. The Prime Minister has called his wife his "opposition in the home".

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